The result of drinking whilst on Roaccutane

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

For everyone’s information:
During my course of Roaccutane I had Christmas and New Years and drunk a bit of alcohol. Throughout the whole Roaccutane process I never drank more than 6 units of alcohol a week but I did drink a little bit.
My liver function test has stayed perfect before and after!!
I am NOT condoning or advocate anyone drinking whilst on Roaccutane BUT I can safely say a little bit of alcohol did not do me, personally, any harm just like my dermatologist had said.
A message especially to my younger readers who may not know how to track the units of their alcohol intake (it was certainly a learning process for me whilst taking Roaccutane) please do not drink whilst on Roaccutane in case you don’t realise that you are drinking too much and if you have a reckless night and throw up for example you may lose any effects of the tablet(s) you have taken that day and have to take a step back in your progress…oh and think about how expensive that one tablet is!! :p
If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me 🙂