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Month: June, 2013

The result of drinking whilst on Roaccutane

For everyone’s information:
During my course of Roaccutane I had Christmas and New Years and drunk a bit of alcohol. Throughout the whole Roaccutane process I never drank more than 6 units of alcohol a week but I did drink a little bit.
My liver function test has stayed perfect before and after!!
I am NOT condoning or advocate anyone drinking whilst on Roaccutane BUT I can safely say a little bit of alcohol did not do me, personally, any harm just like my dermatologist had said.
A message especially to my younger readers who may not know how to track the units of their alcohol intake (it was certainly a learning process for me whilst taking Roaccutane) please do not drink whilst on Roaccutane in case you don’t realise that you are drinking too much and if you have a reckless night and throw up for example you may lose any effects of the tablet(s) you have taken that day and have to take a step back in your progress…oh and think about how expensive that one tablet is!! :p
If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me 🙂


Supposed last blood test

Sorry for my big absence, I have been super busy working and having trouble with my blood test results from about 3 weeks ago!!

So…I had my final blood tests a couple of weeks ago, a month after finishing Roaccutane. My dermatologist didn’t ask me to have these blood tests, I had to request he sent a letter to my doctors to specify which tests to take, for example cholesterol, iron, liver, testosterone, estrogen etc. A week later I rung my doctors to book in and they hadn’t heard anything from my dermatologist. I rung the dermatologists’ office to then find out my dermatologist had forgotten!!
…then I find out my doctors do not have an email address so my dermatologist just emails me the blood test requests and I had to print the email out and give it to my doctor taking my blood.
My doctors very swiftly processed the results and passed them on to my dermatologist. After three messages left at the dermatologists office I eventually get a call back to discuss my results. This call included me hearing my dermatologist munching away in his lunch and to be told, “results are all fine, ok?!”. Geez, don’t go into telling me about anything then!!!!
Three weeks later I managed to book in to see my doctor to properly discuss my test results. My appointment yesterday led me to realise the dermatologist only had me tested for iron and liver function not anything else!!!!!!!! Now I have to go through all the drama again to have more horrid needles in me 😦 Booooo!!