Three weeks without Roaccutane

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

So…time has passed quickly…!
I stopped taking Roaccutane three whole weeks ago 😮 My dermatologist said I should wait four weeks to allow myself to be in the sun or drink more than six units of alcohol a week…well as some of you know I just spend a week in the South of Italy visiting family. The weather was warm, not boiling hot, but very sunny, approximately 16°-20° each day. I wore my Rimmel-Wake Me Up-Foundation each day. This foundation has SPF 15 in it which is a great protection for your face whether you are on Roaccutane or not. Even if it is winter it is great to have some SPF on your face to protect it from the suns rays. I took a lovely sun hat with me to Italy but being rather slack and quite frankly a prat I didn’t bother to take it out with me each day even though I was out in direct sunlight. I wore a gauzy long sleeved jumper each day and my SPF foundation. When I was in Italy I had only been off Roaccutane for two weeks and I did not experience any redness, burns, welts, pealing etc in any way or form on my face. I am naturally a little bit olive skinned (from my mums Italian genes) and don’t burn in general but still…I was thrilled that Roaccutane has not changed my skins natural protection from the sun. I have heard from some anti-Accutane people/protestors that Accutane has make their skin sensitive to everything and anything even without the tablets, but I am praying to God that that has not happened to me and shall not happen to any of you however much these scare-mongers want to get into our heads.
How is everyone’s skin looking right now?