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Month: April, 2013



Last blood test

Today I had my last blood test for my Roaccutane journey. I actually pestered my dermatologist to make my doctor give me a blood test. For some reason my dermatologist didn’t think it was necessary for me to have a blood test ever since my first to check if I could have Roaccutane to start with. He has been pretty breezy and nonchalant the whole way through my process which is probably why I have been so proactive in finding out I formation for myself! My results will let me see how my liver function is, so I will find out if my drinking a little bit of alcohol during the process has been ok or not.

20130425-105636.jpgI hate needles with a passion so my gorgeous fiancé came with me again today, to hold my hand :p
How is everyone else’s doctors/dermatologists about blood tests?

One month after my last Roaccutane tablet

One month after my last Roaccutane tablet means that I can now drink as much alcohol as I like (in a responsible way of course 🙂 ) and I can sunbathe without the risk of burning. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will already know that only two weeks after finishing Roaccutane I went to Italy (not for a sunbathing holiday but still walking around in the sun) and I didn’t not experience even the slightest bit of burning.
Since finishing Roaccutane I have had two spots. Do not be alarmed though they both, individually, arrived when I was incredible tired from work overload and from a day of traveling. These two spots were teensy little red dot pimples that were gone within a day-they just disappeared! These spots were not at all cystic and were barely noticeable. I have only ever had spots that can be di scribed as cystic so when these little pimples popped up to say hello and goodbye just as quick I was so relieved!
On the day I took my last tablet I had completely flat skin (except one blasted spot that arrived about three months into taking the tablets). I had red dots still left where my old cystic spots had been. Four weeks later all the red dots are now a lighter shade of pink and that annoying spot is now flat but darker than all the other “left overs”. I am positive that with time (like my dermatologist had said will happen) these pink dots with eventually disappear…that time could not come soon enough though. I am experiencing a little scaring but nothing too major and again, I am praying this will heal with time.
Does anyone find that they stare at people’s skin far more than they ever used to? When I am out and about in London for castings I spend a lot of time on the tube and pass time by inspecting people’s skin :p I can’t help myself, I gawp at people with perfect flawless skin and wish I could tell people with cystic acne that they should start taking Roaccutane as soon as possible because it will change their lives 🙂



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Iron, Hair & Roaccutane

I have to admit…my iron intake has been slackkkkk!!
Whilst I was taking Roaccutane/Accutane I was really good with my acne helping diet but since loosing my lumpy spots I have sort of forgotten to keep my iron levels up.
I have been really lucky with the fact that I don’t think my hair got any thinner whilst on Roaccutane and I think this was helped by the fact I ate a lot of iron rich meals. I used the app ‘My Fitness Pal’ to keep an eye on my iron intake. When I first started tracking this I realised I was only having about 5% of my recommended daily iron levels!!
I will get back to eating lots of curly kale and broccoli starting tonight!!

Three weeks without Roaccutane

So…time has passed quickly…!
I stopped taking Roaccutane three whole weeks ago 😮 My dermatologist said I should wait four weeks to allow myself to be in the sun or drink more than six units of alcohol a week…well as some of you know I just spend a week in the South of Italy visiting family. The weather was warm, not boiling hot, but very sunny, approximately 16°-20° each day. I wore my Rimmel-Wake Me Up-Foundation each day. This foundation has SPF 15 in it which is a great protection for your face whether you are on Roaccutane or not. Even if it is winter it is great to have some SPF on your face to protect it from the suns rays. I took a lovely sun hat with me to Italy but being rather slack and quite frankly a prat I didn’t bother to take it out with me each day even though I was out in direct sunlight. I wore a gauzy long sleeved jumper each day and my SPF foundation. When I was in Italy I had only been off Roaccutane for two weeks and I did not experience any redness, burns, welts, pealing etc in any way or form on my face. I am naturally a little bit olive skinned (from my mums Italian genes) and don’t burn in general but still…I was thrilled that Roaccutane has not changed my skins natural protection from the sun. I have heard from some anti-Accutane people/protestors that Accutane has make their skin sensitive to everything and anything even without the tablets, but I am praying to God that that has not happened to me and shall not happen to any of you however much these scare-mongers want to get into our heads.
How is everyone’s skin looking right now?

Sun protection

I may have been off Roaccutane for two weeks on Friday but I still have to take care. As you all know, those of us taking Roaccutane are far more susceptible to burn and blister in the sun than we would normally and are advised to get minimal direct sunlight whilst taking the tablets. What some of you do not know is that for four weeks following your course you must continue to have minimal sun and alcohol. I am off to Italy for a while and even though it is not going to be scorching heat there I am taking precautions. I am going to wear gorgeous gauzy jumpers, a Blake Lively inspired hat and SPF!!


Countries getting spots..

Wow, I have just had a little look at the countries my Roaccutane blog is reaching…74 different countries!! I’m not certain I could write down 74 different countries with our googling it!!
I found it rather interesting that the UK and USA are the most regular readers of my blog by about 100% ! Followed by, Australia and Sweden.
Is this because people in the UK and USA get more spots, are more vain or simply more likely to be offered Roaccutane? Hmmm…any pharmaceuticals want to buy my stats for their research? ;p x