How long is six months on Roaccutane

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

How long is six months on Roaccutane?
I hadn’t thought until now about how many days I am actually meant to be takin this drug? My dermatologist has said six months maximum but in actual fact what is six months?
Six months in doctor terms tends to be twenty eight days. Does this mean that we must take the drug for 168 days? Or do we take it for a less reliable six standard calendar months?
I have bought my tablets two months at a time from my dermatologists office and still have 40 days worth of tablets left but if I count 168 days from my start date (subtracting the missed tablet days) then in actual fact I finish in ELEVEN DAYS and will end up being left with a fair few expensive tablets!!
Does anyone have any words of wisdom or experience they can help me with on this subject?