a models roaccutane journey

A model with an acne problem. Follow me on my roaccurate journey…

Month: March, 2013

Roaccutane aftercare

I want you all to know that even though I have now finished my Roaccutane course I haven’t deserted you. I am still here if you want to ask me any questions and I am by no means finished on my quest for perfect skin.
Roaccutane/Accutane dries up our skin stopping us producing as much oil and drying out our often cystic spots and acne problems. Although the tablets get rid of our spots, many of us that have/had rather bad acne, we are left with pink dots where the spots were and sometimes scaring. Once the Roaccutane has finished we can begin the journey in getting rid of these signs of past acne. My dermatologist said the red dots with slowly fade once I finished my course of Roaccutane. I have very minor scaring from my acne but I have had this mild scaring in the past and managed to get rid of it so on happy days I am positive that one day I will be scarless. There are so many ways to get rid of acne but I personally do not want to resort to expensive surgery of any sort and for now am sticking to using thick organic oils which I am moisturising into my skin twice a day. I am using oils which are known to help get rid of scars, such as rose.
How is everyone else’s acne journey going?


When can I drink cocktails by the pool again?

I have just had a phone call with my dermatologist to discuss my taking my last tablet…tomorrow πŸ™‚
He is booking me in with my doctors surgery for a final blood test check. I will have my l cholesterol, iron levels and liver function all checked. I actually requested him to get this organised for me. He didn’t seem to think it was necessary but for me I need that peace of mind!
I asked a few more questions including when can I start drinking alcohol without worrying how many units I take and when can I go holiday and sunbathe? …all the important stuff ;p He said to wait four weeks for this to all be ok. I’m no alcoholic or big sun worshipper but I am desperate to go on holiday and drink cocktails by the pool!!

My skin after having a hot bath

As I have mentioned in a recent post, I find that my skin an spots go quite red when I have been warm.
After my hot bath I took photos of my skin and you can see all the flat old spots are very red. This redness slowly fades away after a couple of hours…



Roaccutane and cold air are not a good mix

A couple of weeks ago I was in Paris and spent a lot of time outdoors in the cold breezy weather or indoors in air conditioned studios! My skin got incredibly dry. My arms and back of my hands looked like they had eczema and my nose, lips, above my eyebrows and all around my mouth were very dry.
Since I have been back home in London leading my normal life with a little less time outdoors and with far less air conditioning, alongside heavy Balm Balm usage I was back to having normal skin within a couple of days. I was also a little stressed in Paris which I’m sure didn’t help either.
I would advice anyone on Roaccutane/Accutane to organically moisturise well, don’t hang around air conditioning units and to become a bit of a hermit and curl up on the sofa whilst the chilly weather is about :p hehehe…well, don’t become a hermit, just don’t spend tooooo much time out in the chilly breeze πŸ™‚

Heat causing red skin

Everyone on Roaccutane/Accutane knows that they should stay out of the sun other ways they are likely to burn far quicker than they would normally but…does anyone else find that after a hot bath/shower their skin is very red?
After having a hot bath or shower my skin and spots always look a lot redder. As if I’ve ran a marathon! The redness fades after a few hours.

Four more days of Roaccutane left

It seems that I am quite the pleb!
I have been counting my six months from the fifth of each month and not in four weekly periods equalling a month…maths was never my strong point at school :p

20130319-000906.jpgSo…with my correct calculations (double checked by my fiancΓ©) I am due to take my last tablets this coming Friday!!!!!!
Wahhh…I’m actually rather scared about being without my tablets. I guess you could say I’ve grown attached to the Roaccutane. Do not get me wrong, I am not “addicted”. I am just a little scared of developing acne again without the security of Roaccutane! How does everyone else feel about the prospect of finishing the drugs?

Day 158 on Roaccutane

I have now been taking Roaccutane for 158 days!! I can’t believe how long it has been. I am quite happy with my progress. To be honest though, I though by this point I would be absolutely spotless. I still have some red dotty spots but they are all flat (minus one random one that is taking forever to heal-this one arrived with my initial breakout a few months ago). The redness of all these spots are definitely lessen with each day so I am staying positive. My dermatologist also said that the redness will continue to fade even after I have stopped taking Roaccutane. Here are images of my cheeks/chin taken this morning with no make up.



How long is six months on Roaccutane

How long is six months on Roaccutane?
I hadn’t thought until now about how many days I am actually meant to be takin this drug? My dermatologist has said six months maximum but in actual fact what is six months?
Six months in doctor terms tends to be twenty eight days. Does this mean that we must take the drug for 168 days? Or do we take it for a less reliable six standard calendar months?
I have bought my tablets two months at a time from my dermatologists office and still have 40 days worth of tablets left but if I count 168 days from my start date (subtracting the missed tablet days) then in actual fact I finish in ELEVEN DAYS and will end up being left with a fair few expensive tablets!!
Does anyone have any words of wisdom or experience they can help me with on this subject?


Sorry for my serious lack of blogging/instagramming. I’m working in Paris until the 8th March. I will try to blog during this time but will probably be more slack than usual.
I’ve been here a few days already and am struggling to keep my diet healthy with skin beneficial foods 😦
Hope everyone’s Roaccutane/Accutane journeys are coming along nicely πŸ™‚