My skin after a day outside

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

I was filming outside all day yesterday. It was bitterly cold!
My make up artist said she was on Roaccutane a couple of years ago after a long time of experiencing cystic acne. She said it worked wonderfully for her and has not had acne ever since. She did say that every so often she will get a tiny little spot that fades within a day. Her skin looked great, no scars at all! She said that her red marks disappeared but took a while to go completely.
I was rather baffled that after she discussed acne with me she then slathered my lips in PawPaw (full of petroleum) and then practically poured Mac foundation all over my face! For us acne sufferers we know that Mac is extremely heavy and can cause acne! Surely someone who has been through acne herself would not use Mac…I guess it is just a product in her make up kit and not one she uses on herself?!
I was outdoors shooting continuously between 9am-5pm! The make up artist didn’t give me any lip balm during the day but kept topping up my lipstick! My lips are in absolute pieces now 😦 The surrounding area around my lips and my lips are dry and peeling 😦

Another thing I have noticed that even though it was over cast for the majority of the day I am a little bit burnt on my face. Simply being outside for the whole day has left my skin quite red! Be careful everyone x
Balm Balm to the rescue…!