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Month: February, 2013

Is Roaccutane making me dehydrated?

I had a hand modelling job yesterday so took off my engagement ring a good four hours before my call time. The indentation mark still had not disappeared (my ring is new and not too small-just in case that is what you were thinking ;p ).
I also noticed that when holding my phone for a very short while, my fingers were indented with dots from my faux diamond iPhone case!
I never used to have this problem. You know when you wake up from a deep sleep and have a crease from your pillow marking your face?!? Well, these marks used to disappear soon after I woken up and showered, whereas it now takes a lot longer to ware off.
I have been thinking and wondering if maybe Roaccutane is making my skin “thirsty” as such? The drug is making us drier all over our bodies and maybe we need to drink more water than we would normally to help our body hydrate like it would have in the past?
I know this post is a bit random and I haven’t heard of anyone else mentioning this. Has anyone else notice this occurring?


129 Days on Roaccutane

These photos are from a few nights ago. I totally forgot to put them on here


20130217-122606.jpgThe images aren’t fully focused unfortunately but I hope you can see that the red spots have drastically lightened πŸ™‚
The negative, though, is that I am seeing scaring occurring on quite a lot of my spots…although the positive is that the scars are not deep, they are predominately at the back of my cheek and neck so are not too visible πŸ™‚

Beauty shoots

I’m sure a lot of you have watched Americas/Britains/Australia’s etc etc etc Top Model and know what a beauty shoot is, but for those who don’t it is basically a very close, close up. Imagine a little kid playing with a camera for the first time and putting it so close up to your face that you feel violated…well a beauty shoot is rather similar :p
Every little hair and freckle is magnified on to a HUGE Apple Mac in the studio for everyone to see.
I was booked for a beauty shoot with a great photographer this week and spent most of the night before terrified.
After all my worrying it actually went really well. The make up artist said she sees a lot of models with dreadful skin and mine was actually pretty good. After an hour and a half in hair and make up, my foundation and concealer was pretty thick and I was left showing no signs of acne whatsoever because of all my spots being flat now. I was SO happy with the outcome even before any retouching could be done! If I wasn’t anonymous I would show you the results but as I am, here are some images of how invasive a beauty shoot is…




Throughout my quest of acne solutions my doctor continuously found new antibiotics, tablets, creams, lotions and potions for me to use. Zineryt was one of these. I had to rub it onto my spots in the morning and evening for three months…not one single spot changed in any way, shape or form because of this blasted topical lotion…rubbish!!!!

20130215-213701.jpgHave any of you ever been prescribed Zineryt by your doctors?

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines to all my lovely Roaccutane/Accutane sufferers.
I am not going to let this drug ruin my Valentines Day. I simply love this day. I feel as if Spring is just around the corner and I get to be spoilt rotten by my fiancΓ©…perfect πŸ™‚
I have not drunk anything since my two glasses of Champagne on New Years Eve. Tonight my fiancΓ© and I are celebrating with a bottle of champagne. Before some of you get all uppetty…my dermatologist said 6 units a week is fine πŸ™‚
Happy Valentines everyone


Missed Roaccutane tablet…again

Wahhhhhhhh…after being on a job for the whole waking hours of the day I forgot to take my tablet 😦
I know it is fine to miss a couple of days because of absent mindedness or illness but it is incredibly frustrating feeling you are another day behind finishing treatment!!

My skin after a day outside

I was filming outside all day yesterday. It was bitterly cold!
My make up artist said she was on Roaccutane a couple of years ago after a long time of experiencing cystic acne. She said it worked wonderfully for her and has not had acne ever since. She did say that every so often she will get a tiny little spot that fades within a day. Her skin looked great, no scars at all! She said that her red marks disappeared but took a while to go completely.
I was rather baffled that after she discussed acne with me she then slathered my lips in PawPaw (full of petroleum) and then practically poured Mac foundation all over my face! For us acne sufferers we know that Mac is extremely heavy and can cause acne! Surely someone who has been through acne herself would not use Mac…I guess it is just a product in her make up kit and not one she uses on herself?!
I was outdoors shooting continuously between 9am-5pm! The make up artist didn’t give me any lip balm during the day but kept topping up my lipstick! My lips are in absolute pieces now 😦 The surrounding area around my lips and my lips are dry and peeling 😦

Another thing I have noticed that even though it was over cast for the majority of the day I am a little bit burnt on my face. Simply being outside for the whole day has left my skin quite red! Be careful everyone x
Balm Balm to the rescue…!

Red dots

I have been on Roaccutane for 123 days now. I have lost all signs of my cystic acne. All of the lumps have gone from my face which I thrilled with.
I have now got pale red dots in place of the lumps 😦 These dots were dark red to start with and have definitely faded but they are not fading quick enough 😦 With the cystic spots I could see a development almost everyday but with these dots I can barely see any development whatsoever. In fact the only development I have noticed is that some of the spots are leaving behind a little pock-mark scar 😦
Is anyone else feel like the healing part is taking forever?


Day 122 with and without make up

Morning all, I have a day of castings ahead of me so I have slapped on the make up but have tried my best not to look like a clown.

Without make up:


With make up: