Trip to the dermatologist número trè

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

I have just come back from picking up my last two months worth of Roaccutane. I rung an hour before arriving asking if I could just picked up the tablets rather than pay £150 for an appointment and without hesitation they said yes after having ok-ed it with my dermatologist. I managed to ask my dermatologist a few questions having seen him in the corridor.
I asked if I needed a blood test after my last tablet, he said no. I asked if I needed another appointment once I has finished, he said no. Considering Roaccutane is a pretty scary drug, I am rather surprised that I feel rather alone and responsible. Is this because I am an older patient at 27? Therefore I am a responsible adult?
I also wanted to know how long until I am able to sunbathe again (I am very much ready to book a holiday to get away from this British winter!!) and he said six weeks.
My dermatologist also said if I get anymore spots a month or two after I have stopped my medicine that I must come straight back in for another appointment.
One other thing…he said the redness that some of the spots have left behind (almost like a scar) will slowly disappear with time once I have finished my course of Roaccutane.
How has everyone else contact been with their dermatologist, doctor? Am I the only one with not much support?