Accutane / Roaccutane and a rash

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

I have been on Roaccutane for almost 4 months. Within this time I have only had two/three rashes and they have been on the back of my hand (or is this the top of my hand…? Hmmm…trying to remember my old anatomy and physiology classes ;p ).
I have heard of a lot of people on Roaccutane that get dry eczema patches in many different places on their bodies but mine seem to have been on my hand. I have been thinking that maybe this is because the layer of skin in this area is rather thin and more susceptible to dryness??
Anyway…last time this happened I rubbed a bit of Balm Balm and the rash went away within about an hour. Unfortunately this time I was totally preoccupied and didn’t really think what I was doing and rubbed it raw and made some of it bleed a little bit 😦