One glass of champagne…

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

So…last night I had a small glass of champagne. I know the topic of alcohol riles some people and I agree with their thoughts. “Why not control yourself and not drink six months”, some may say?! I had fully intended not to drink anything during the course (not including valentines day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve) but last night I simply could not say no. This is not because of lack of will power…I’ve given up chocolate for three months in the past! I was invited to an event and my agent insisted I went. I was given a glass of Champagne when I got there and felt it would be rude not to accept! It is not to do with peer pressure reeeeally although I guess it sort of is?! I simply didn’t want to go off on one about why I am not drinking. My agent knows I’m taking Roaccutane, as do my family and closest friends but I don’t wish to tell potential clients, other models etc.
I managed to stick to one glass by drinking incredibly slowly.
I am not bringing this up to be slated by anyone so please…do not tell me how silly I am :p The reason I’m bringing this up is to tell everyone that today I have a new pimple. It is only a little zit that luckily can not be described as a “cystic” spot horrrrrrrah 🙂 I am hoping this means it will disappear as quickly as it arrived.
I honestly believe this spot arrived because of this small amount of alcohol I drank.
When I was 18/19 and used to go out drinking with friends (pre-acne) I used to get a few “pimples” the next day which would slowly disappear over the next few days. This new spot is similar to that. Therefore I really don’t want to drink anymore, not only because of the drugs but because of potentially getting more zits.
Sorry about the rambling post. I’m just typing what I think…random trail of mind…blahhh :p