Day 85 Update

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Once again I’m really sorry for my absence…here is my first update on my progress in quite a while.
Today is day 85 (having now missed two days since starting Roaccutane because of absent mindedness).
Here is how my face looks at the end of Day 85:


ALL my spots are now absolutely flat which is wonderful for covering up with make up. Having said this I am absolutely devastated to say that some are a teensy bit concave 😥 I definitely have acute signs of minor scaring. I have experienced this in the past and managed to get rid of it back then so I am not as upset as I should be. I managed to get rid of it last July when on holiday with a mixture of Rose Geranium oil massaged into the skin at night, sunbathing for a week and being in/by the sea for a week. I pray I can do this again once I have finished Roaccutane and am allowed to sunbathe again.
Is anyone else experiencing scaring?