“You have great skin”

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

“You have great skin”…these are the words I have dreamt of hearing for years and today I actually did!

In November I took a month off modelling and acting whilst my skin was at its absolute worst but now I am back after my agent ok-ed it. I went to a casting today with full make up but not too heavy. The casting director actually said I have great skin! Me! Great skin! Amazing! No, my skin is still not perfect under the layers of make up but it is now 99% flat! These flat spots can be covered and today I realise can fool people into thinking I have great skin…amazing…feeling happier than I have in a really long long long time!
I am still waiting for the day when I can wake up and go out with no make up on though :p
How is everyone else’s progress going?