Can I drink alcohol whilst taking Roaccutane?

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

So…I asked the question, “does anyone drink alcohol whilst on Roaccutane?” to my Instagram followers a while back and a few responses were “are you stupid?”, “don’t be silly!”, “don’t risk it” etc etc etc… Therefore, for the past two and a bit months I have barely touched a drop…apart from a glass of Champagne when I got engaged. When I went in for my check up at the two month mark, my dermatologist was adamant that as I am young, healthy and all my blood tests signified that I have no health problems that it is fine for me to drink 6 units a week but I should not binge. Therefore it is ok to drink 6 units in a week at a steady pace…don’t go shocking your body system with shot after shot of After Shock!
All this being said, I am still a little wary of hurting my body but at the same time feel at ease that I can drink a glass of Champagne for a special occasion, such as Christmas and New Year.
Here is a table of alcohol units for you…