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Month: December, 2012

Day 85 Update

Once again I’m really sorry for my absence…here is my first update on my progress in quite a while.
Today is day 85 (having now missed two days since starting Roaccutane because of absent mindedness).
Here is how my face looks at the end of Day 85:


ALL my spots are now absolutely flat which is wonderful for covering up with make up. Having said this I am absolutely devastated to say that some are a teensy bit concave 😥 I definitely have acute signs of minor scaring. I have experienced this in the past and managed to get rid of it back then so I am not as upset as I should be. I managed to get rid of it last July when on holiday with a mixture of Rose Geranium oil massaged into the skin at night, sunbathing for a week and being in/by the sea for a week. I pray I can do this again once I have finished Roaccutane and am allowed to sunbathe again.
Is anyone else experiencing scaring?


Acne Blogging Absence

Hello everyone. I am sorry for my absence of late. I have had a lovely family Christmas but am very much ready for a new year…hopefully with a lack of spots 🙂
How has everyone else’s Christmases been? I hope you all managed to have at least one day without being upset about your skin.
My New Years wish for us all would be for us to all be spot free 🙂 xx

‘Tis the season to be grateful

On my way to work this morning I was feeling resentful of my acne…as always!
This was until I spotted a smiley gentleman on the train that had his face and neck covered (no exaggeration) in bumps. Literally no clear spaces at all. These bumps were like welts and did not resemble spots in any way or form. I am fairly sure he must have been born with this skin condition.
I sat their with a face like thunder feeling miserable about my recovering acne I suddenly felt incredibly self absorb, guilty and selfish!
At this time of year, whether we celebrate Christmas or not I feel we should feel grateful for everything we have…I may sound a little sappy and Californian (sorry Californians-I personally love your smiliness) but maybe, just maybe, we should think about others and things that may in actual fact be of more importance than our skin.
…this being said, I think about my skin approximately 90% of the day!

The price of clear skin

I have written this blog once already but it seems to have disappeared so here it is again…probably briefer than the last…

The price of clear skin can be incredibly high when you are taking Roaccutane/Accutane. It is incredibly expensive to buy here in the UK if you do not get free medicine from the NHS. I am no longer a student or an old aged pensioner and do not get free health care. Therefore I had to spend a lot of money to get a dermatologist and for my Roaccutane tablets! I just bought another two month supply and it came to £194.10. This high sum got me thinking about what else you could buy for almost £200.

20121214-140354.jpg About 5 pairs of Topshop jeans!

20121214-140447.jpg and about 65 Starbucks coffees!

I personally would pay anything to be out of this acne Hell but it would be nice if you only had to pay the standard price for prescription medicine like hay fever tablets which I think are about £7.50 for a month worth of tablets!

From my Instagram followers I have heard the fee varies in every country. How much do you pay?

“You have great skin”

“You have great skin”…these are the words I have dreamt of hearing for years and today I actually did!

In November I took a month off modelling and acting whilst my skin was at its absolute worst but now I am back after my agent ok-ed it. I went to a casting today with full make up but not too heavy. The casting director actually said I have great skin! Me! Great skin! Amazing! No, my skin is still not perfect under the layers of make up but it is now 99% flat! These flat spots can be covered and today I realise can fool people into thinking I have great skin…amazing…feeling happier than I have in a really long long long time!
I am still waiting for the day when I can wake up and go out with no make up on though :p
How is everyone else’s progress going?

Can I drink alcohol whilst taking Roaccutane?

So…I asked the question, “does anyone drink alcohol whilst on Roaccutane?” to my Instagram followers a while back and a few responses were “are you stupid?”, “don’t be silly!”, “don’t risk it” etc etc etc… Therefore, for the past two and a bit months I have barely touched a drop…apart from a glass of Champagne when I got engaged. When I went in for my check up at the two month mark, my dermatologist was adamant that as I am young, healthy and all my blood tests signified that I have no health problems that it is fine for me to drink 6 units a week but I should not binge. Therefore it is ok to drink 6 units in a week at a steady pace…don’t go shocking your body system with shot after shot of After Shock!
All this being said, I am still a little wary of hurting my body but at the same time feel at ease that I can drink a glass of Champagne for a special occasion, such as Christmas and New Year.
Here is a table of alcohol units for you…


Eczema v Acne

I’ve been thinking about whether anyone that suffers from eczema ever gets acne?

Roaccutane is designed to dry us up from the inside out and in turn stopping us from producing as much sebum as we usually do. Although I have been lucky enough to only have slightly dry lips, many users suffer from dry, skin, lips, eyelids and even dry up inside the mouth. Eczema sufferers experience dry skin and rashes. Therefore they are experiencing the side effects that a lot of Roaccutane users get themselves.

Whilst eczema sufferers are stereotypically very dry skinned, are they in turn very clear skinned with no spots?

Do any of my readers thy suffer from acne have eczema too?

Red rash patches

It doesn’t show very well in this image but I have a little rash on the back of each of my hands…another Roaccutane user told me she experiences this but I’m not 100% sure if it’s a Roaccutane side effect or decorating the Christmas??


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Dry lips?

Anyone suffering from dry lips?

Get an old tooth brush and brush your lips in a circular motion really gently.

Slather on some organic lip balm.

Do this every other night for a week.

Hey presto…your lips should feel new again.

Hope this works for you 🙂

Suicidal Thoughts

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands”

Anyone remember Elle Woods saying this in Legally Blonde??

After writing my review on the BBC3 documentary/film “Dying for clear skin”, my blog has gone crazy! Even busier than it was before.
It alarmed me that one of the highest searched topics on my blog was “suicide”. I really hope no one out there is suffering badly enough that they contemplating anything as awful as this 😦

To paraphrase Miss Woods,

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t think about killing themselves”

I am afraid that I am not a councillor, have no experience or connection with suicidal thoughts or friends or family with said experiences therefore can not speak from experience but I have a strong belief that if you lead a happy life and always have something to look forward to…you will not even contemplate thoughts on suicide.

Endorphins are lovely little peptides that the pituitary glands produce. These lovely things can make us all super happy 😀

Endorphins can be increased by exercise.

I exercise regularly and would urge everyone taking Roaccutane to please do the same 🙂
If you are feeling a little down in the dumps, get out there and do something fun. Anything…just something that you know makes you happy.

Make sure you keep yourself in the company of lovely, happy people and always have something to look forward to. Maybe book a theatre trip or a date with friends to the cinema?
Anyway…for now we all have Christmas to look forward to.

Please keep strong and if you have any upsetting days make sure you speak to someone rather than keeping it looked inside xx