Day 55. Progress report

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Having missed a tablet on Saturday I am now on day 55.
Apart from the fact that I have more spots than when I started, because of the initial breakout, all the spots which I have are much better than the ones I started with πŸ™‚ BONUS

The main visible section of my left cheek is really beginning to clear. Unfortunately the lower/underside of this cheek is still very clogged and fairly red. Must admit…I’d prefer it this way round than the other. This clogged section is dramatically better than all my spots’ condition that they started in.


My right cheek was, for a while, the better cheek. Today…not so much. There are more larger spots that are yet to flatten. These spots are drying up nicely and see to be following the same route as my other more successful spots. Maybe you could call these lumpy spots the ‘runts of the group’ or the ‘slow ones’.


Anyhow…today I am actually rather happy with the progress I am seeing πŸ™‚

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