2 month round up

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Two months on Roaccutane complete 🙂

So…after two months I definitely, 110%, have zero interest in suicide!
I am happier than ever in fact…most likely because my skin is clearing up, I’m engaged and it’s almost Christmas.
I believe the key is to have a happy life so you are not fixated on Roaccutane and your skin.

My side effects are incredibly minimal… In the morning I have dry lips when I first wake up but then I slather on some Balm Balm and I’m good to go and you’d never know 🙂
I have only had one day with aching muscles…it wasn’t that fun but it just felt like I’d been through a heavy duty work out session the day before!

My progress…my skin (apart from a small patch under my chin) can no longer be called “cystic acne”. I now look like I’m having a slightly spotty day, rather than, “oh look she has acne”.

All in all two months down the line I am quite happy with my progress but wish the spots had dissapeared so I could enjoy champagne with my family this Christmas 😦