by amodelsroaccutanejourney

So…I haven’t done a blog update in about 5days because I haven’t really had much to report. My skin has sort of been much of a muchness and hasn’t changed all that much.

I had a big audition today and when I was spending the good hour it takes for me to cover my acne with make up I realised that the raised cystic nodular spots are getting less raised, not all of them but some are definitely not as bulbous and swollen. This is great and I actually felt more confident than I have done in quite a while…this was until I took my make up off this evening…!
Once I got all my make up off and took my nightly pictures of my acne (for progress not vanity :p) I decided to make comparisons back to near the beginning. I’m actually quite unhappy with what I see. Back then I had less spots! Yes the spots back then were more lumpy and very much defined as Cycladic nodular…but there were far fewer 😥 This has obviously happened because of my “initial breakout” that often happens when starting on roaccutane but I’m really upset that I’ve now realised I’m tackling SO MANY more spots than I started with 😥

Here are images from my cheeks tonight:



Here are images of my chin from about a week into my course of roaccutane:



Not impressed at all!!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?