Iron rich yummies in a bowl

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

I have bored you all time and time again about keeping up your iron whilst on roaccutane.

This is imperative if you are a vegetarian like me as our iron levels can often be low. Even if you are a meat eater this following meal is incredibly healthy and fills you up a surprising amount.

Whilst taking roaccutane/accutane we must keep our iron levels up to prevent side effects such as hair loss! This is the side effect that scares me the most.

I try to eat a varied healthy diet and have included a lot of iron in my diet since starting roaccutane.

I am incredibly picky with my food and generally not a fan of brussel sprouts but then my mum came up with this scrumptious dish…

I finely chop up brussel sprouts, cabbage, curly kale and broccoli-all iron rich dark green veggies.

1. Pour a teaspoon of oil in a big non-stick pan and heat a little.

2. Add all the chopped vegetables to the pan and cook for about 4minutes.


3. When almost finished cooking through add enough soy sauce to be tasty enough for you.


4. And that’s all there is to it…soooo filling and soooo scrummy. Enjoy 🙂