Question from a reader…

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Do you color your hair? My hair is highlighted blonde. My natural color is a darker dirty blonde. I read that you are not supposed to bleach or color your hair while on Accutane. I’m started it next month and thinking about doing an ombre color to my roots so I don’t have to go back in for highlights during my Accutane treatment.

Being a model, my hair is being dyed regularly. For just over a year I have done a hair campaign where my hair is regularly dyed. Having been on roaccutane for a month and still having dyed hair I’ve not noticed a difference in my hair’s at all.
I would guess the reason why you are hearing this and it may be the case that you shouldn’t dye your hair is because roaccutane works at drying you from the inside out.
Although roaccutane is meant to dry out your face and spotty areas to lessen your sebum production I think it is likely to be drying out our scalp and hair follicles too. One reader of my blog mentioned that she doesn’t have to wash her hair as much as before now that she is on roaccutane as it doesn’t get as greasy anymore.
Roaccutane can have many harming side effects but differ from one person to the next. My personal side effects seem to only be dry lips. I am on 6mg per day and have been for 4.5wks.