Can reflexology help acne?

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Reflexology is a form of alternative therapy. Some won’t believe it works but I heard it can help acne sufferers. i admit that I will try almost anything to get rid of my acne. Maybe I will try things out for you all :p
The only problem with me trying new ways to help acne that I haven’t tried before is that roaccutane kind of trumps anything else because its so powerful!
Anyway I decided to try reflexology and had a treatment on Sunday…it was lush 🙂
Reflexology is basically a massage of the feet. It is strongly believed that areas of your feet are connected to different points in your body. If a particular area of your foot is massaged and manipulated it is believed to improve the health of the corresponding area.

The main areas to place the focus on when having a reflexology treatment are the pituitary gland (located in the big toe-this is also the area for the neck where I get a lot of my acne!!), liver (outer ball of your foot), adrenal gland (lower-central ball of your foot) and kidneys (under the arch of your foot).

Even if reflexology does not in fact scientifically improve my acne treatment I am not concerned because after my treatment I was relaxed, not thinking about my skin and far less stressed than pre-treatment and we all know stress does not help acne!
If you can not afford a treatment with a reflexologist maybe you could ask a relative or partner to massage you themselves. You could even use a golf ball to work on the area on your feet with your body weight.

If you’re interested in reflexology, google image search “reflexology chart” to have a little look at the points of reference to your body from your feet.

I honestly do not know whether or not reflexology works or not but I actually believe my skin looked flushed and fresh a few hours after my treatment and I found my cystic acne to be less inflamed.