What is the correct dosage?

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

I have been wondering, what is the correct dosage to be on when taking roaccutane/accutane?

My dermatologist started me off on just 20mg for one week. Then 40mg for a one week and am now on 60mg for the foreseeable future.

Fellow accutane/roaccutane Instagram users are on differing dosages. One today told me she is now on 80mg after a month whilst another is only on 40mg after a month.

Is the dosage you are prescribed on weight, maybe the extent of your skin problem or even the quickness that you maybe “need” to get rid of your acne?

Before beginning my “roaccutane journey” I actually read on some acne sites that the higher your dose the less likely you are to have acne again once you are no longer on the drugs. If this is true, I’d quite like to up my dosage :p

What dosage are you on?
Is it reflected in your weight?