Lets stick together

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

It’s not even lunch time and today already stinks!!
This morning I was offered a small part in a new movie but had to turn it down because of my acne! The problem with cycstic acne is that it is lumpy and therefore no amount of cover up will fully conceal the fact that you have a lumpy face! Photoshoots are fine because of the wonderful invention of photoshop but being filmed in HD…makes me shudder at the thought!
I was so angry at myself and my skin and quickly expressed my feelings on Instagram with this…:

Just seconds later I was inundated with such lovely messages of support from other acne sufferers.
For those suffering acne alone I highly suggest that you get in touch or talk openly to a friend going through something similar. My loyal Instagram followers don’t only offer me messages of support but even write to each other on my wall-everyone’s so supportive of each other. We are just trying to get trough it together and teach each other things we have been taught.
Acne is psychologically distressing and those who haven’t personally experienced it do not fully understand what we are going through, however hard they try to help.
I pray one day we all are spot free!