Spots are shriveling up like an old olive

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Today I have noticed my spots have all predominantly started to dry up and have become far less “productive”. I am viewing this as a positive thing 😀
I’m fairly certain that the fact the roaccutane is meant to lessen the production of our sebum and dries us all up these dried up spots will, I pray, have only one option…to heal! I also believe that with less sebum hanging about I will be producing less new spots…horrah 😃
Here is a picture of the left and right side of my face this evening, once of taken my name up off…



I have also noticed there are a few empty patches with no spots…horrrrray.
…much more positive today. Thank you to my absolutely lovely Instagram followers for your positive and encouraging comments xx
( @roaccutanejourney )