My simple facial routine

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Having spent a few years with acne I have been through almost every beauty product and regime that you can think of.
I have currently cut down to the most simple products that are quick and easy to use and with as little chemicals in as possible, so as not to cause any excess outbreaks than roaccutane would already cause.

In the morning I just wash with water, no soap. Dry my face with a fresh towel by dabbing rather than rubbing. When my face is 90% dry I rub a small bit of Balm Balm fragrance free baby balm (safe enough for a baby-safe enough for us acne sufferers) into my hands and thinly rub in all over my face. I then slather it all over lips really thickly whilst I get onto the long drawn out process of covering my spots with a bucket load of make up 😦
Whenever I’m on a shoot, filming or shooting the make up artist always puts a thick layer of lip balm on my lips before moving onto the make up then comes back to put lipstick on lovely soft lips πŸ™‚ Unless I’m on a job I don’t personally wear lipstick but always slather Balm Balm over my lips…luckily I never get dry lips…until roaccutane took charge that is!
I have been using a new Maybelline foundation from the ‘Fit Me’ range. I only bought this last week but I’m absolutely loving it. It’s not too thick that I look as if I’m wearing stage make up, yet not too thin that it doesn’t cover the redness on my face. I also go on to conceal my spots with a ‘Dermacolor’ pallete and blend in until I’m happy.


In the evening my spots begin to get angry, irritant and super painful. I’m not sure if this is the roaccutane doing its job over the day, my being in the London smog, or simply tired skin? Anyway, because of this I crave the thought of getting my make up off and washing myself clean.
I use Rimmel waterproof eye make up remover with a cotton wool pad on my eyes and it takes off my hard to budge waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I’ve been using this since I can remember and love it sooo much :p
I then use ‘Clarins – daily energizer cleansing gel’ by wetting my face with water rubbing the cleansing gel into my spots and make up then immediately rinsing off. I find this product manages to wash away most of my make up.
I have recently started using ‘Balm Balm – Witch Hazel Toner’ which works as a relieving treat for my irritant skin! (Read my last blog to hear all about it)