Losing hope?

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Today I am 3 and a half weeks into my Roaccutane and I am having many up and down days with the condition of my spots. Every so often I lose a little hope…often in the evenings when my spots have begun to get itchy and irritant. I feel as if Roaccutane is a testing patience game. I just wish I could see a dramatic difference right now to keep giving me hope.
My journey so far:

Week one: 20mg a day.

Week two: 40mg a day.

Week three: 60mg a day.

I am half way through the third week and I’m praying after another week at 60mg my skin will have got used to the dosage and really start to get to work and rid of these nasty acne beasts 😦

Every day I pray I wake up to clear skin…my prayers have not yet been answered 😥