Day Fourteen-Depression sets in for a day

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Today has been miserable.
I woke up with incredibly sore and itchy spots. I went for a workout and when I came home I was meant to get ready for an afternoon of modelling castings and the possibility of a small modelling job for a well known designer.
Unfortunately I literally felt like I wanted to hide my face, crawl under a duvet and rip off my skin. I missed my castings and cancelled the job (I am the most professional model/actress you can find so me doing this is a huge rarity and I felt beyond dreadful!). I have never felt more down in the dumps. My gorgeous boyfriend bought me a bag of Twirl chocolate bites and made me a yummy lunch…I cheered up a little after this 🙂
Anyhooooo…here’s a close up picture of my left cheek this evening after I’d washed my face and taken my make up off…I have a small patch clearing which is great but unfortunately my brain focuses on the negatives with the rank spotty areas.