Let’s boost our estrogen levels

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Have you ever checked the ingredients on our roaccutane/accutane packets? They contain:
-Refined soya-bean oil.
-Hydrogenated soya-bean oil.
-Partially hydrogenated soya-bean oil.
Do you think they’re trying to hint something??
After my tests came back saying my testosterone levels were high and estrogen low I thought I would try to boost my estrogen levels with estrogen-rich foods.
My doctor said that diet has no effect so don’t bother with altering your diet, whilst my dermatologist said its definitely worth doing…slight contrast! Oh well…there’s nothing to lose in increasing your intake of estrogen rich foods, especially when there are plenty of super healthy options out there.
I love eating edamame beans from sushi type shops and restaurants like Wasabi, Yo Sushi and Wagamamas in the UK.
Edamame beans are basically soy beans with a fancy time consuming shell.
If you live in easy reach of China Town in London, they have some amazing mini supermarkets that sell bags of frozen edamame beans in their pods. If not, Waitrose do heavily stuffed frozen bags of pre-opened soy beans. I have noticed my biggest group of readers are from the USA…I bet you guys can get soy beans even easier than we can?!
With my frozen beans (shelled or unshelled) I pour a load in a bowl and cover them with boiled kettle water for about 3/4minutes, drain them, then you’re ready to munch away.
I have about a handful every day Mon-Fri at the moment and love them.
You can eat them by themselves, in a wrap, in a salad, in a stir fry. They are very versatile so get popping 🙂
Anyone have any exciting soy bean recipes? My boyfriend even zapped a loa of soy beans in a blender with a little bit of olive oil (great for your skin and hair) garlic and pepper. We dipped pitta bread in this instead of humous. We even spread it on our wraps before filling them with vegetables…yumyumyum.