Day 11…side effects are a-go-go

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.
I celebrated my friends birthday and when doing my make up for the evening I began my constant battle at disguising my acne, when I realised my cysts have begun to get less prominent and are flatter. This is making them a little easier to conceal which makes me incredibly happy. (I will do a little tutorial on acne make up this week from what I have learnt and been taught by make up artists on shoots.).
My spots have been far less angry and itchy this weekend which has been a pleasant relief. I often find that once you’ve put on all your make up and have itchy spotty skin that I have to use my long hair to itch it…haha…random :p
I have a little patch of clear skin on my right cheek that is slowly spreading…whooop 🙂


The annoying side effects are definitely trying their best to push on through 😦 my lips are fairly dry when I wake up (…possibly me sleeping with my mouth open :p). As soon as I wake up I slather Balm Balm fragrance free on my lips really thickly which provides me instant relief and they don’t feel dry again until the next morning!
All in all…things are going rather well 🙂