Day Nine progress report

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Hi everyone…
I’m on day nine now and on my second day of 40mg dosage of roaccutane.
I’m beginning to see quite a great improvement on my left cheek-even a little positivity makes me absolutely ecstatic. I must admit, I wake up every day excited to check out my chin and see if there’s any improvement…not quite the same excitement as Christmas morning but still rather great :p
Unfortunately all the spots that are there are predominately cystic and incredibly sore and itchy. Although my mum keeps saying that in general itchy scabs, scars, cuts and grazes tend to be a sign of healing so maybe this is a good thing?
I’m incredibly lucky that so far I’m not experiencing any side effects which is amazing but then again when I move up to 60mg a day in two weeks time-maybe I may experience some side-effects? What’s everyone else’s experience? Did you experience more side effects at a higher dosage?