Double Dosage

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Weekly roundup…:
I have now been on roaccutane for one week.
I have been taking 20ml once a day.
I definitely see some improvements-even at this early stage.
There are some small areas that have cleared up.
The spots I have are less red and swollen.
People have warned me about I.B. (initial breakouts). I have definitely been lucky with this one as, although I have had a few new red angry spots, they are actually smaller and fewer than I used to get each day when I wasn’t on roaccutane. So in actual fact I wouldn’t define this as a breakout πŸ™‚
I have made a conscious effort to try and keep up my iron intake as I’m paranoid of experiencing any hair loss.
I haven’t experienced dry lips and have been continually plying my lips and face with Balm Balm fragrance free skin care which I’m sure has helped.
I definitely haven’t experienced any depression like a lot of sites say. I’m pretty sure that as I see improvement in my spots my mood can only get better and better and happier and happier…bring it on πŸ™‚

Starting today I am about to embark on two weeks of double last weeks dosage. I am now taking two tablets a day for two weeks…40mg a day. I’m praying my limited side effects continue even though my dosage has gone up.

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