Blood test tears

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Day of the blood test. Worse than expected!
My lovely boyfriend came along with me for me to squeeze his hand with all the strength I could muster.
Then nurse taking my tests was clinical, brash and unsympathetic. She didn’t ask if I’d had a blood test before and as I hadn’t I was unsurprisingly a little baffled when she shoved a pillow in my lap. I didn’t realise she wanted me to rest my arm on it. If she wasn’t so quick I was tempted to put it under my bum as cushioning for the hard sterile chair I was sitting on.
She quickly stuck a needle in my left arm and in pain I turned away with tears rocketing out of my eyes. I almost fainted when I saw she’d filled up 6 mini bottles with my blood…vile! She said, “call in 5 days for your results” and turned her back on us to tidy up. We guessed we were probably meant to leave so we did?!

6 days had passed with a weekend in between. I wasn’t sure if it was 5 standard days or 5 working days but I rung in anyway and the messaging service said I had to ring between 15:00-18:00 for results. At 3pm I rung in and they said, “we can’t give you results over the phone”…why get us to call you then!???????

I managed to book an appointment the following day. Same doctor as I saw back in April. I don’t know if she remembered me but she straight away from 2meters away said, “ooo you’re scaring”. TWO METERS AWAY and only a week after my dermatologist said I didn’t have scaring.
My results were bordering on a sense of relief and feeling a bit upset.
My results in general were normal. Even my iron! Unfortunately my testosterone levels were a little high therefore meaning I could possibly have PCOS polysistic ovaries syndrome. It’s not 100% that I have it yet there is a high chance.
My dermatologist was sent the test results from my doctors surgery and within 10minutes gave me a call to discuss them with me (amazing service!!!!). He said with my elevated testosterone levels it was a clear indicator that this was the reason for my acne. He said roaccutane should definitely help elevate my levels of estrogen ad if after 2months it hasn’t helped then I will go back to see him and possibly be put on a pill that boosts estrogen.