When did this start…?

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

I managed to keep acne at bay throughout the whole of my school life. By the time I got to 24 I was pretty certain I’d never have to experience more than a spot a month. This was until I got to about 25. It was September and I’d just got back from holiday and suddenly I had a breakout of a chin full of spots. I smothered them in tea tree oil and lavender nightly and by the end of Christmas they started to disappear.
The following year I was due to go on holiday in August and a friend said to me that she had heard that putting suntan lotion on your face can actually cause spots. So, on holiday I dutifully kept my face out of the sun, didn’t use lotion but wore a teensy bit of foundation with SPF15. Come September my spots began to build up again. Only this time the spots were more ferocious, painful, itchy, hard to cover with make up and I personally believed distressing! …this was last year (September 2011) and they haven’t left since 😦