The last year in a post.

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

Over the last year I spent the first half just making sure my diet was as healthy as possible as I am a vegetarian and I also kept my exercise up, possibly higher than normal.
During this first six months, on Boxing Day 2011, my mum told me to try giving up chocolate for 3 months. I am a seriously keen chocolate addict. I had definitely got to the point where I was eating a lot of chocolate…daily…obsessed some may say. I had a BIG box of Christmas chocolate all stored away somewhere secret at my mum and dads house.
I succeeded in giving up chocolate and after three months there was no difference! Therefore I highly suggest that acne sufferers do not give up chocolate if they love it because when suffering such a horrible experience like acne, why take away something that makes you happy?!
In April I visited the doctors (a rare occurrence-I hate visiting the doctors. I always find them rather rude and actually a bit scary :p). The doctor brashly stated my skin was heavily scared. Even though in the back of my mind I knew scaring was just about beginning to show…hearing this witch of a doctor say this, made me burst into tears (rather embarrassing!). I’m not an especially vain person but as a model-if I don’t look good-I don’t get work! Therefore if I don’t look good I don’t earn money-simple!
The doctor prescribed me an antibiotic and Zertyl (a topical (put on the skin) antibiotic).
I tried this for three months and there was NO change…well it had possibly got a little worse!
After this three month period I won’t back to the doctors and asked to be out on roaccutane but she refused and said I’d need to see a dermatologist as they were the only ones who could prescribe it.

June/July 2012 I went on holiday and sunbathed a lot. My acne scaring disappeared after a week with sun, sea & sand. Unfortunately my acne didn’t disappear but my scaring drastically improved 🙂