A trip to the dermatologist

by amodelsroaccutanejourney

My first trip to a dermatologist was exciting. I had a great Doctor that I felt took me seriously and really knew what he was talking about. I took a look at my acne and commented on the fact that I was lucky not to be scaring because the cystic acne was fairly pussy and not great. This gave me great relief after the nasty doctor had said other ways! He said that I should go on roaccutane but first off neede to take some antibiotics and Zertyl…again to lessen the puss. The reason for this was that the spots that were pussy would be more likely to scar when I start the roaccutane.
Getting roaccutane is not as easy as you’d think. The Doctor has to be certain you won’t get pregnant throughout the course of the drug and have to use two forms of protection. As I am a vegetarian he wrote to my doctor asking for me to have an iron count blood test done. If you have low iron (a lot of vegetarians do) then you are more likely I experience some hair loss when on roaccutane. Even though I did extensive research on the drug I didn’t realise this and I was suddenly terrified!
Dr Dermatologist said I also needed blood tests for testosterone, choloesterol, iron, sebum…and many other things I can’t remember, for me with my doctor and needle phobia this wasn’t going to be pleasant…and I in turn struggled to sleep every night up until the blood test!
Laden with a humungous bag of roaccutane, antibiotics, Dermol and Zertyl I made my way home both terrified and exhilarated. I was onto a new chapter and had just experienced talking about my skin problems with someone and managed not to cry! I put this solely down to how wonderful my dermatologist is. He actually listened, understand, empathised and showed me a way out of this spotty rut!